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short-timer syndrome

Oh boy, you guys. I have not wanted to be at work like at all this past week.

A large part of that has certainly been good old short-timer syndrome, wherein an employee on their way out of  a job loses all motivation to do anything productive or possibly even show up at all because what are they going to do? Fire you?

I think the other part reflects even more poorly on me. When I informed my boss on Monday that I would be moving on, he just smiled in a contented sort of fashion, as though I were a problem that had just resolved itself without his needing to take any action.

Possibly he has wanted to get rid of me ever since my sister started working on a more consistent basis. I don’t entirely blame him since she kicks ass at this whole job. Given a choice between the two of us, I’d pick her, no questions asked.

At the same time, it was me who got him through all the early days of the transition and who has been here keeping things going for the past year. That’s not nothing.

I guess I’m a bit disgruntled that he seems so happy to be getting rid of me even though it was my own choice to go and I am fairly certain I’ll be happy in the new job. I feel as though he places no value on the service I have provided in the past, so it’s been kind of difficult to work up to wanting to provide more than the bare minimum just at present.

Despite that, I will say that I haven’t shirked anything, no matter how tempting it has been to do so. That’s rewarding in a way, I suppose, being able to have pride in myself for knowing of my own integrity. It also made it possible for me to give my utmost to a recent project that will be a big time saver for the office long after I’m gone[1. That I had to do this project at all is actually Very Silly. It was just to get some raw data presented in a sexier fashion than just the plain and stark original report that worked just fine for the last dentist for years, but whatever.], and I have to say, I think the spreadsheet I was able to put together is pretty slick. I had a lot of fun with it, too, which was extra nice since I’ve basically just had to force myself to make it to the office at all, but most especially on the days when my sister is there[2. Because she doesn’t need me at all, so I sort of want to just let her handle it and be able to stay in bed myself.].

Anyhow, not much to say here except that I’ve got that low level blah sort of feeling and my lunch hour just went by way too quickly, rather unlike the rest of this day.

Guess it’s back to the salt mines with me for now! How are you guys doing towards the ends of your work weeks?

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I totally get the feeling of not really wanting to be at your old place of work anymore. Especially if you’re as under-appreciated as you seem to have been. You’re done now though, and it’s time to look forward. I’m sure your new job will be great!

I hope so! I totally left work early today because

A) My sister was there
B) It was a really slow day, and
C) I just couldn’t take it any more.

I have tomorrow and Wednesday to get through as normal days and then, and then…. I get to be in the office alone on Thursday for a few hours but then after that I am done!

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