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Oh jeeze. I did not mean to let that long lapse between posts happen.

I blame real life in general and my new job in particular. Well, I suppose I’ve been making choices in my personal life that have also contributed to the not writing, but it’s mostly work y’all. For real.

It started out like all new jobs do: Information Overload. And the more complex a job, I’ve noticed, the more overload there is. So in a way, I am very grateful indeed that I’m a week and a half in and still come home feeling like my head is about to burst. I should be challenged for some time to come, especially since so far I’ve only been taught a very tiny portion of what there is to learn.

I’m working in the Records Department for a university, and it’s not your run of the mill university. They’re all online, all at your own pace and accredited to the hilt. Also, they don’t run on artificial schedules, so when a student comes on for a term, it’s for 6 months and it starts whenever the first of the next month is. Also, there are somewhere between 60,000-70,000 students. I mean damn.

This makes life interesting in Records, to put it mildly!

So far, they have me posting grades for students in the Business and IT Colleges, which are two of the four colleges there are (nursing and teaching are the other two), and the ones with the easiest to comprehend rules for posting scores. The way it works is that the student will email the department email with their official score report and that will open a “ticket” basically, which will be dumped into a queue, where someone on the team will grab it, check to make sure everything is good from the quality of the document(s) submitted to there not being extra tickets floating around for the same thing (these students get antsy, yo) to making sure the  course the assessment is for is actually showing up in that student’s courses for the terms. If everything is a go, we post the score, pass or fail. So, you know, kind of deeply important work to all these people working on their education.

Eventually, I’ll move beyond posting grades and into other things that have to do with Records, like name/gender changes, getting transcripts out to other entities and I have no idea what else, but probably a little bit of everything from initial enrollment to graduation.

Anyhow, that’s the essence of it. I’m on a team of introverts, so haven’t gotten to really know anyone yet, but I have a feeling if we find common ground outside of work tasks, we’ll click along nicely.

All in all I’m optimistic. And tired. And my brain is super tired. Here’s hoping I’ll have the hang of my job in 6 months when I’ll qualify for a discount on tuition!

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It’s refreshing to know that, in this electronic automated age, there are still people in the loop that can potentially be bribed. Duly noted and filed away.

Your ticketing system sounds suspiciously like SalesForce. God help us all.

You know, I am so lazy, I hadn’t added the feature in. Um, let me fix that thing.

Well, you didn’t mean to wait that long to post again… I didn’t mean to wait this long to leave a comment! Three months in, and I’m still exhausted from work every day!

As long as you’re enjoying your new job, feeling tired is generally worth it. Still, it always sucks in the beginning, since there’s so much to learn and a definitive information overload.

I’m sure you’ll settle in before you know it! And, what do you want to study when you qualify for the discounted tuition?

I am clearly doing no better in getting around to replying to comments! Let alone posting again, and I have Things To Say. Hah.

I’m not sure I am enjoying my new job, so much as I am enjoying feeling superior to the new hire. I’m certain that says something terrible about me, but there it is. The job itself could be a lot more challenging, I think, but so far it has been three weeks of them keeping me on the easy stuff. The information overload made it seem a bit more difficult at first than it really was, but now I’ve gotten the basics, I’m a bit eager to move on. Hopefully to something really challenging since I’ve apparently impressed them all on my ability to learn the basics…

Once the tuition discount kicks in, I’d like to study Accounting. It turns out that Accounts Receivable doesn’t feel a bit like work, so I’d like to be able to make a career of taking money from people, hah! The billing part kind of stinks, but I’ve gotten used to sticking my hand out at my last job. Here’s hoping this job doesn’t break me of all those good habits!

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