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guys, I’m in my 30’s

I am recently returned to civilization after a long weekend spent camping up in the mountains of southwest Colorado. At more than 9000 feet, it was cold, especially at night or when it rained, which was pretty much all of the time. I think I am reaching the point of my life where I am definitely too old for this shit, because we cut our trip short by a day and I am still trying to recover from the whole ordeal, especially in terms of catching up on sleep.


I returned to work Wednesday, expecting to settle back into my routine and to do so without a fuss. But about 15 minutes after settling in at my desk, my supervisor asked me to meet with her in the conference room. My first thought was that I was in trouble and then my second thought was that she was probably just going to catch me up on whatever announcements I had missed by having the previous day off and so was unable to attend the team meeting.

But it was neither of those things.

She started with a comment about how we had talked in my last one-on-one meeting with her that I wasn’t destined to remain on her team for long. The follow up was that I had been moved to another team and another process. Effective almost immediately, because a person on that process was moving to another position within the university.

My first reaction was to be flattered, because come on. I’ve been there two months. I am not even off my three month probation and they want to freaking promote me and hand me a raise. Not a small raise as I found out a day later. A $2/hour raise, bringing me back up to what I had been making at my previous job, only including benefits and really freaking good benefits at that. It’s a financial win all around.

But. But. HOWEVER.

I’ve been working the new process for a few days now and not only do I think I will quickly grow bored with only dealing with one thing, but I think I will hate, hate, HATE dealing with that one thing for any length of time.

They’ve put me on readmissions, so it’s basically my job to look at anyone looking to come back to one of the four colleges we have, and decide whether to approve, conditionally approve, or flat out deny them re-entry. A previous version of myself might have relished the chance to have that kind of power, but the current me, who has felt so called to love even the least worthy because that is what my God does, is sick over it. I cannot be making these decisions. I have no idea where the lines between mercy and judgment lie these days.

In fact, for the last month, this song has been stuck in my head non-stop. Which is weird for me, because it has nothing to do with me and my struggles with anxiety, so there you go. It’s been a place outside of myself and my selfish ways.

At the same time, I am recalled to how I felt when I first was offered this job, like I was being specifically granted favor for a purpose. And now I am being given even more favor. For the first time in my life, I have been promoted based off my merits and performance. And I am in my 30’s y’all. And I have never been a slacker.

So perhaps this is where I am meant to be. Perhaps this is what I am meant to be doing. Perhaps I have been granted this favor for a reason.

I have no idea.

I only know that it’s the weekend and I am so afraid to go into work on Monday, because I know they are going to demand I do some part of this new job at some point that day. I know I don’t feel ready, no matter how well I’ve already mastered the process so far as the technical “click this thing and then this thing and also this box” process is concerned.

So here I am, crying about a promotion and a raise when I feel I ought to be happy, but instead feeling sick. Perhaps this is the very first of all first world problems, but I don’t think I want this, not if it’s going to be so much anxiety and stress for so little reward. On the other hand, there’s a chance I can take my new heart for mercy and apply it to people who wouldn’t otherwise get the chance. I have no idea.

Here’s where I am though. Please send help. Or prayers. Or the force. Whatever you want, really.

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That sounds really difficult. I obviously don’t know enough of the job specifics to advise you one way or another, but I am praying right now that you will be given clarity and be able to make a decision you feel at peace with.

I appreciate the prayers!

I talked it out with a few people yesterday at church, and I think the most helpful piece of advice I received was that I am not making any moral judgments, so it’s okay if my justice side has a bit more sway than mercy. I am only looking at academic facts, and they should be the only things that matter in making the decisions I will have to make.

So I guess I do feel a bit more peaceful about it now. Which is nice because I need something to be stable right now and this is small, but I will take it!

Regarding camping, it’s something I’ve felt too old for, for a very long time *lol* I can’t help it, I want/need an actual bathroom!

Reading your comment, I think the advice you’ve been given is sound. You’re going to be making decisions based on data basically, rather than any moral judgment or similar. So as long as you can keep it fairly logical and just sticking to whatever the rules and guidelines are – it shouldn’t be too difficult! (I’m sure that’s simplifying it quite a bit, but I hope you get what I’m trying to say.. Last few days of work over here and I’m completely shattered, so I’m not sure I’m making sense at all at this point!)

Actual bathrooms are lovely. Especially when your period decides to show up three days early and you’re facing the prospect of a pit toilet while trying to deal with that. Possibly TMI, but that was the situation for real. Also a big part of the reason why we left a day early.

Your comment does make sense! The main guideline I have to follow is to try to determine whether or not readmitting a student will result in more pain/stress/work for the staff that will have to deal with that student. Since I’ve spent two months in Case Management learning to not really like most student mentors (any time they don’t know something or possibly just don’t feel like answering a questions themselves, they push everything onto our department, whether it makes sense or not), I do find that I am a little bit okay possibly readmitting problematical students that they will mostly have to deal with.

Although I did deny my first student ever and I found I didn’t really feel too badly about that either, but that was because they were’t really making any effort in their appeal letter to really say why they were wanting to come back and did nothing to address the fact that when they were here, there must have been some problems in the way of their actually doing any course work. I suppose this next week will really define a lot for me in terms of how well I’ll like it, since it will be my first week of doing nothing but that (unless, as I suspect, there isn’t really that much to do on any given day. It sure seems that way from what I’ve seen so far!).

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