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whether you’re having fun or not

I knew it had been a little while since I had last managed to post something, but I was a little stunned to realize I’d been incommunicado ever since early July and now we’re practically halfway through September and damn. Time flies.

It’s been a busy few months but I am certain I don’t need to bore anyone with all the tedious details and so can sum up fairly quickly.

The new job is going much better than I had expected and I grew a tough exterior pretty quickly. I am definitely one of the more lenient team members on the readmission staff, but I don’t have any problems turning away obviously bad candidates either. In fact, I have only felt bad once and that was only because the student accepted my decision so graciously. Usually they’re a lot more bitchy and will write emails wishing all our family members will get cancer and it’s tough to feel like a wrong decision was made when someone comes at you with that sort of shit.

All of that being said, I did end up applying for another job within the University, in their accounting office. Since I intend to be an accountant when I grow up, it seemed to make sense to start as soon as possible. The interviews were stressful, but just this morning, I ran into the hiring manager in the elevator on the way into work and she said they were still looking, but only because HR was giving them grief about the fact that I haven’t been with the company for 6 months yet, so it sounds like they would make me an offer if HR would let them. My understanding is that they are going to interview some more candidates and if they truly can’t find someone that they think will work, I should get the offer anyhow.

We’ll see. Either way, I am content.

Speaking of being an accountant, I started the enrollment process this last week and am hoping to officially start school on Jan. 1. My 75% discount will be in effect and I’ll have time to study the course material between then and now. Right now, I just feel like I am waiting on my transcripts to be evaluated so I’ll know what transferred and what didn’t. Being on staff in Records means I will know when all this happens and could probably do a rough estimate myself if they would only upload my damn transcript.

/kicks Transcripts team

While I am waiting on that, I am spending time in WoW and really enjoying Legion so far. I adore what they’ve done with the whole choose your own adventure/start where you want leveling path and I’ve been taking the questing slowly. My main just hit 107 tonight, so I am getting close, but not in a rush. However, it looks as though my new guild home will be raiding on a casual basis and I find this suits me very well. Having Grimm and Yngwe around is also lovely!

Of course, I manipulated that whole casual raiding decision and was surprised it only took one enthusiastic conversation with Grimm to do so. I seem to have a knack for suggesting things in the right places or the right ways lately. Following a post of mine on Facebook, my church has recently kicked off small group dinner fellowships. And I am all about getting to know people better over food, so I am thrilled they ran with it and made it A Thing.[1.Yes, I did just segue from WoW raiding into church small groups. What? I’ve always thought the two things had striking similarities!]

I’ve always wanted to be a Soother.[2.Ever since I read Mistborn for the first time anyhow.]

That seems to be the major stuff. Just got back from Colorado again, this time there for a family reunion on At’s side. That was splendid and I got to apologize to my in-laws for all the times I’ve been an asshole[3.See: the last 13 years I’ve been married to At] and I think it made… well. Their evening anyway.

The roommate, in the meantime, is still here. But he is also giving me way more space, which is what I need. All the space.

Oh, and my best friend is coming to visit for like two weeks! So. Excite!

So I guess life is pretty great. How be you fine folks?

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Well, if you don’t get the offer this time, you know that you’ve got some currency when another position in the same office opens up. Or after you put a contract out on whoever that was and the position mysteriously opens back up again. And it’s always good to hear that sort of thing from the hiring manager.

Very happy to have you around as a raider. This expansion has been like a kind of homecoming for me, what with the old guild coming back to life and some of my favorite peeps from the Effers popping up.

What can I say – welcome to the Bunnies, stock up on healing potions, I’m healing. 😀

It turns out that I didn’t get the offer, but I am totally okay with it. Pretty happy where I’m at, all things considered.

Now, it’s been one hundred years and I still haven’t managed to make it to a raid. I feel like such a failure! Here’s hoping I can get my shit together come 2017 when we pick back up.

I’m glad to hear job and church are both going well, and especially pleased to hear about people enjoying Legion! Real life has kept me far too busy to play anything lately, much to my dismay. But at least my 4 year old is keeping my account active. He’s completely filled my action bars with cool mounts and spends his time in game exploring the world and running up repair bills. Totally worth $15 a month, right?

And I agree, sharing a meal is absolutely the best way to bond. Our closest friends at church were made through a supper club of sorts. You can learn a lot about people by the food they create and enjoy, and there’s something about the act of eating together that lowers barriers. Keep on burning that brass!

Real life is such a pain. Note: I am about a million years behind in replying to comments here. Ugh.

But yes, I would agree that $15/mo for entertainment for a little one is good. Especially when it will turn him into a gamer for sure!

Brass is burning away! I should write about it sometime…

I’m late to comment, as always, but I am very curious to hear how things went with that job application. If you didn’t get it, you’re at least enjoying your current job, which is always a good thing.

Sounds like lots of good things are happening! Both in real life and WoW. I know I’ve seen quite a few familiar faces coming back online with the new expansion, and it’s nice to see them all again. I hope they’ll stick around for a while.

Are you doing NaNo again this year? (I’m not, since I’ve not managed any other year and I feel like I’ve forgotten how to write!)

Well, I am even later to reply. So there’s that.

I didn’t get the job, but did recently submit my resume to the manager for either a Team Lead or Supervisor position. No idea as of yet if anything will come of that, but at least it demonstrates my interest in moving up the ranks!

I didn’t do NaNo this year. My free time is split fairly evenly between WoW and studying for school. Lately, it’s been a bit more on the WoW side since I’ve been running a Demon Hunter with the husband. I had meant to try to do an abbreviated version of NaNo and work some more on my memoir, but only managed to clock a couple thousand words at best. Ah well. I have been contemplating some things in the writing arena following some very encouraging words from a few folks at church who have heard bits of my memoir and been very encouraging about it. So perhaps there will be some more writing action here at any rate.

Well, if anyone needs a reference to your managerial abilities, I’ll be happy to provide one, as long as they don’t ask for specifics (unless you’re okay with praise for your Cata raid wrangling in a real world job reference – which in some circles has currency.)

I keep wondering if I should look for something that pays better. I love my job, have a great boss, but it pays for shit in the field I’m in. Wait. Why is this suddenly all about me? NEVER MIND.


I have often said that guild/raid leading in WoW ought to carry some weight so far as managerial skills training is concerned! It is not easy and really lacks a lot of the carrots you can use in a corporate setting. When all the gold and possessions are digital and carry no real value, what’s to keep people happy and moving in the same direction?

I found out yesterday that a supervisor in my department might make about 50 cents more than I do. The Team lead position comes without a raise. Still, I am happy where I am and with the people I work with and my manager is really cool. And I do have the very luxurious luxury of not needing to be worried about being the main breadwinner in the household. At has that totally covered and is finding so much favor after a year at this university.

Which is to say that I do understand something of the struggle of being torn between better opportunities and knowing that you already have a pretty good thing going. I am grateful I get to make my decisions based off what I want rather than what is more needful. I think as long as you can do that, you’re not in too bad a spot, even if you could be making more money elsewhere.

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