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obligatory ‘welcome back, self’ post

Please. Hold your applause. This is so embarrassing. Stop clapping.

I know I’ve been MIA since March of 2018 (no I didn’t, I had to go look). Some stuff has happened since then. I’ll get to the details later. Maybe. We’ll see.

For now, I’m backish. 2019 did not escape (in my timezone) without my saying something and thereby doubtlessly justifying whatever it is I pay to do the thing where I own this website or whatever. 2020 is upon us and I have a goal to write between 500-100 words a week.

Not a resolution, mind you. A goal. That I wrote down and failed to share with my friends and random semi-acquaintances when I was telling them shit like that I am learning Gàidhlig[1. Like some ridiculous poser or perhaps a deranged Outlander fan] and trying to say yes to things when my default answer is no. I also noted that I stopped really living my life after I graduated, but now that I am thinking (and writing) about it, I am pretty sure I really stopped living somewhere around the time I started going to school.

Genuinely. Other than a few things that have happened here and there, it’s really been all work work work and school school school and then more work work work for so long it’s a miracle that there are still people in this actual world who will still speak to me.

Anyway, I have a goal to write more. And as all the evidence would suggest, I am not the sort of person to take the trouble to write a thing down if no one else will ever see it. (Reference: prior blogs, Facebook, Twitter, this blog, and the whole work website I put together in the guise of trying to provide helpful information to a target audience but which is really a secret way for me to publicly and semi-professionally let some 3000 people know that I think they are largely inadequate at their jobs and it would sure be nice if they could benefit from all my vaunted wisdom).[2. Wow, I sound like a total dick.] Hence, my dubious return. I mean, let’s not get carried away. If the last few years have proven anything, it’s that my enthusiasm for this sort of endeavor flags easily and in direct proportion to my perennial realization that I really don’t have that many interesting things to say.

What I do have is some trauma to work through with regard to my family and how I am in denial that I could possibly be related to any of them. I also have a shit ton of rage for various personages at my workplace that might hearken back to those good old days when I waxed eloquent about wanting to beat my guildies with sticks sometimes because damn. I am also learning Gàidhlig, which might be exciting for exactly none of you and which I may have mentioned previously.

Stay tuned. Or don’t. I’ll write more later. Or won’t. But in the meantime, I hope everyone has a glorious start to 2020.

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Hooray! You’re back!!! (-ish) I’ve missed you fellow raging magic-user (very very old reference to when we were mage and warlock in WoW… oh wow, that is a long time ago. How old am ?!)

I’m bad at checking my Feedly, as evidenced by the fact that it took me like a week to see that you had posted. These days I’m happy when I make it online at all. Crazy times.

Looking forward to seeing more from you!

I hear you! I am terrible at getting online for anything other than work these days. Even though I still play WoW, it’s like a couple times a month and not daily like it used to be. I’d say I wish I knew where all my time went, but if I am being honest, it’s probably to Netflix. Trying to change that this year for real.

Netflix is a massive time thief! I’ve binged more tv-shows than I care to admit…

I gave up WoW over a year ago now. The Imp isn’t a great sleeper, so any spare time is precious. This year I’m finally starting to get back to writing a bit, but it’s hard to carve out the time.

I am not sure what it says about me that I am carving out WoW time from Netflix time, hahaha.

The Imp will get older and you will regain some time if all my other friends with kids are anything to go by. But there is no shame at all in moving on from a hobby, even if it was one that consumed a bunch of time in the past.

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