Why Mind Full of Razors?

Why not?

But also, and I feel that anyone who really knows me should also know this: I love Brandi Carlile. I am not ashamed. You should love her too. She’s amazing. She writes the songs of my soul and has done so for years. Listening to her may possibly give people too much insight into my inner workings.

In her song, “My Song” Brandi sings that:

Here I am
I’m so young
Hey I am bitter
I’ve been jaded
‘Cause everyday
I bite my tongue
If you only knew
My mind was full of razors
To cut you like a
Worry from this song

It’s partly that.

It’s also partly that that I’m mentally ill, which is a hard thing, but a thing that I feel I admit far more easily than most mentally ill people I know. Because frankly? I don’t really care what you think about me as a result of that confession. It’s my reality and I don’t have time for the ignorant who think that it’s something to be powered through. It’s my life. It frequently sucks. But there’s beauty and hope and – I feelĀ – grace in it.

Not mine. Never mine.

But there’s grace. And that’s what I hope to share with people despite my mind full of razors. Just like Brandi does.